Local Rules
Local Rules
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Local Rules
Effective as of 1st August 2020

1. Paths, roadways, bridges and staked trees
All artificial paths, roads, bridges and staked trees to be treated as Immovable Obstructions. Relief to be taken in accordance with Rule 16.
2. A ball is out of bounds if:
a) It is in, or over, any of the hedges adjoining the course, or on, or over, the paved paths parallel to the road dividing the course.
b) It is beyond the white posts at the back of the 1st, 2nd, 9th or 17th greens or the side or the back of the 18th green.
c) It is beyond the white posts which border the Visitors’ Car Park to the left of the 18th fairway.
d) It comes to rest in the Clubhouse, the patio or any of the surrounding flower beds.
Relief should be taken in accordance with Rule 18.
3. Relief from Palisade on the 1st Hole
The palisade bordering the ditch on the 1st hole is considered an immovable obstruction. Relief should be taken in accordance with Rule 16.1.
4. Penalty areas
In addition to all boundary ditches which are Red Penalty Areas, all other penalty areas are marked in accordance with Rule 17.
5. Practice putting/chipping greens
Any ball coming to rest on a practice putting or chipping green MUST be dropped off the green in accordance with Rule 16.
6. Fixed sprinkler heads
Are considered Immovable Obstructions. Relief may be taken in accordance with Rule 16.
7. Winter rules
When winter rules are in operation, a ball lying on any closely-mown area (fairway height or shorter) may be marked, lifted, cleaned and placed within six inches of its original position but not nearer the hole. Relief MUST be taken from temporary greens.

Please note that the Committee has not approved the use of a local rule relating to dropping close to where a ball goes out of bounds.
Please remember that the time allowed to search for a ball is now 3 minutes.

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